The case of the University of Wisconsin v. Southworth has created a lot of controversey and received extensive coverage in the lovely Targum, along with other media. We debated the issue for editorials and I assigned many a story about the case for the front page. Jes wrote an editorial about it yesterday and I completely agree with everything she wrote. One of the things I value about the college experience is that we are bombarded with people with different ideals and values and we are forced to thrust ourselves into some uncomfortable situations. Can you imagine life without challenges? A world were we mill around without having to think and redefine ourselves and consider new ways of being. As Jes wrote, "Just think — if Southworth had just started his own organization promoting the ideals he believed in instead of filing a lawsuit, his message would have reached the student body. Instead, and rightfully so, the Supreme Court silenced his assault on the free exchange of ideas." I'm all about working with the system, especially one that is fair to begin with. Student fees are an invaluable way of fostering the exchange of thought at a university. Without blind support for many groups, like the gay groups or the libertarians or the feminists or even the stupid chess club, many would be forced to fold or spend time fund-raising instead of accomplishing their goals... Rock on free speech.

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