Cute is the word of the millenium.

Let's put it into use: My Aunts are very cute. Liz and Laura came over for ice cream cake today and gave me presents (clothes from Gap and Banana Republic), and they also gave me the obligatory birthday crown. It's a family tradition Liz began years ago. This year's was a weird Easter-colored one with question marks all over it. Upside down question marks in honor of my Spanish studies (how cute!). And there were 20...for my age and for the game we were gonna play, 20 questions. How ... cute are they?

My mom was kind of upset because I refused any singing or candles with the cake. It just felt wrong because my birthday is still five days away. She made me bring candles home though so the roommies would have them...the special music playing candle and the magic you-can't-blow-them-out candles. Fun.

On my shit list: The Loud One (who's also hated by all of Targum now for antics she pulls when she hands in stories) and Ben Jenkiebaby for uninstalling AIM. What is that about?

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