First Snickers-induced traumatic incident:

UbiEx: omg
UbiEx: stupid linda!
UbiEx: she left both doors to our house open and snickers got away!!!!
ben: ugh. dumb linda.
UbiEx: what a douche bag
UbiEx: we all split up and seareched and lauren and i found him a few minutes ago
ben: that's good.
UbiEx: weird thing: the people who ofund him used to live in our house...
UbiEx: linda is getting a beat down!
ben: SPOOOOOKY!!!!!!!!!!
UbiEx: life is spooky to the nenth degree.
UbiEx: snickers used to be such a pussy, too. like, when did he grow balls? he used to be afraid to even climb the stairs and now he's crossing streets. silly puppy.

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