I just wrote a really interesting story for the coportate responsibility zine. Here's the lead:

Within the next four years about 315 million computers will become “e-junk,” but only 10 percent of high-tech machines are recycled. The Pax World Fund Family and the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC) are working together to develop a recycling plan and to raise awareness of the problem among computer companies and investors.

Who knew? With the increased turnover rate of computers and all of the toxins inside these machines this could be a big problem. Also, TVs wil change to flat screen within the next few years, so all of thse catharay tubes that have mercryu ad lead in them will have to be disposed of as well...

Also, it's shitty here. Like insanely gross out. And I'm paranoid as it is about turnout for my party, so this is not cool.

I think this is kind of weird.

We discussed this at this monring's news meeting. It's so bizarre. The ad does not make sense at all. Like, how is seeing Muslim ldies and bikini-clad chicks going to make you buy the Times? View the ad here.

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