The party was fun. Drunk + Lauren = Ridiculous! But funny nonetheless. Terri was asleep in Linda's bed when she came home. She was not pleased. Things should get messy when Lauren, Ben and I get back to NB (home for Eatser). I love my high school friends. Alli and Terri came to the party. I drank with Mike, matt, Tim, Steph and Kim last night. It's been a long time... And now, Easter at Grandpa's. Potential for disaster!!!

Also, the Elian thing: Bad bad bad. What a bad decision! Things are quiet now in Miami, but they will get worse, I think. This issue never should have been as political as it is, but things are peaceful in the world and the US needs its enemies! Add that to the Miami Cubans manipulation of Elian to make some sort of point that we all already understand, and things get very complicated.

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