We walked into his bedroom and my eyes darted directly to the amazing image on the wall: a framed poster of Britney Spears. I glanced at the computer screen and saw a Britney Spears screen saver. I smiled widely and looked at Jeremy and said, "YOU like Britney Spears?!" Turns out we're going to the same concert this summer. "See ya there," he said.

For some reason I knew this would be a cool apartment as soon as soon as Lauren and I left to look at it. Everything was wrong with the situation. Linda had left to go to Princeton, offhandedly mentioning she called about a house that needed 4 roommates. The guy sounded weird on the phone and the prospect of living with strangers was horrifyingly first-year. The has housed six guys for the past year, so it's not very clean or even nice. But, it has six singles, two living rooms, a bar room, two bathrooms and a yard. Also, it's ONE block from college ave. and ONE block from the park. Do you know how amazingly close that is to Targum and classes? It's like .1 miles compared to .8 miles. Craziness! Another conincidence is that Jeremy was up for the Business Manager's position at Targum last week. Insanity, I tell you.

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