I don't know how to describe today's move. I've done it so many teams over the past few years that it doesn't seem like a big deal, and this is one was very seamless. I left work early, packed all afternoon, made a few trips to the new place, Earl and Sean came downt to help me move big things, and now I'm done. Easy. I unpacked and arranged my room, which is cute cute cute. And I'm just psyched in general about this place. It's rather dirty now, but in three weeks we will have beautified it. It's a quiet street, 30 seconds from the park, literally 500 feet from the student center and Targum (whereas the old apartment was almost a mile away). It's is perfections! And as corny as this sounds, I really feel like this is the beginning of what will turnout to be a kick-ass year. Hopefully I've found two new good friends in Jeremy and Stan, I'll get to know Cathleen even better, and I'm, geographically, I'm in the middle of everything.

Woo ha. Work it and own it.

(Also, Ben Jenkins, is now posting. He used to be a college student like me, but he was too stupid to cut it at the University of Michigan so he devotes his time to laying in bed, snuggled with his laptop, and sitting in a basement pretending to work. Isn't he super cool?!)

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