I just LOVE the Bill Clinton "Final Days" film he presented at his final Correspondent's Dinner. Great to see our president has a wicked sense of humor. My favorite pieces: running after Hillary's limo with her forgotten lunch and hanging out with the computer whiz from thos einsane commercials, you know, the guy who reminds me of the older brother in The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.

I had this really vivid dream last night. Ben Jenkins was stripteasing in my kitchen and doing things with an apple I've never... No, kidding. I was flipping channels, and miracle of miracles, the antenna grabbed me some NBC. So, I was watching it and it ended up being the Wimbledon finals. Agassi was playing in the men's final with the ladies to follow. So I'm thinking to myself, "I wonder if Monica made it!" and then Dick Enberg says, "Next up, the ladies final. Is it Miss Seles v Miss Davenport or Ms.?" because that's what they do at Wimbledon, throw a Miss in front of each woman's name. I was ecstatic! So psyched that Monica was in the finals I could hardly contain my joy. I woke up because of it, in fact. That is all.

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