Oh wow. BB Mak's song "Back Here" will be this year's summer song. It's infectious. Pop music from a band of three who all sing and play their own instruments. Acoustic guitar driven, which I love, and amazing English accents (the great northern, Scottish-sounding accent) to boot. They're like a Natalie Imbruglia/Savage Garden combo, but better, I think. Go listen to a live version of "Back Here" at Sonicnet. I also love "I'm not in love." It starts out sounding lame but the chorus has a great harmony. I will definitely have to hit Sam Goody this week. (Oh, and they're opening for Britney, but not in my area, I don't think.) The biggest plus for them is I can sing the songs ... the middle voice is right within my range. [i wanna be a rock star oh my god anyone wanna start a band with me]

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