OK. This is proof that I don't like all cheesy pop music that MTV throws my way. I've been watching the music channel to make up for the months I go without it at school...and A*Teens, who I know are opening for La Britney...who are they??? Their remake of Dancing Queen is a lame cover of a lame song. The singing sucks, and speaking of singing, the guys, like in ABBA, don't serve any purpose other than completing the two blondes and two brunettes balance. And the blonde girl is the only good-looking member of the band. Bad music, bad singing, average looking people...why does this band exist.

Britney on the other hand... I LOVE HER AND YOU DO TOO. Someone tell me how SNL was since I didn't get to watch it. I saw MTV News 1515's short clips of her in the Morning Latte scene. Classic. And I love how much rehearsal these specials are showing. Lip synching rumors RIP.

Eminem, who I think is pretty cool in general, has proven himself to be very lame in his pop music hatred. "My childhood wasn't that happy, it's so watered down." Well, just because you weren't smiling at 18 doesn't mean other people should be pissed off at the world and singing about hate as well. Bad karma Mr. Em.

Um, I also have become re-obsessed with Jude, Duncan Sheik and Dar Williams during the uber-long car rides to and from the Green Mountain State. I'm not a lost cause.

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