So many things!

First, there will be a new journal entry uploaded in literally three minutes.

I haven't spoken to Linda except to give her a theater ticket since my birthday (April 15). And I'm a better person because of it. (God, her children will be so royally fucked up)

I visited Melissa before the discus event at the Big East Track & Field Championships today...it's at Rutgers. I'm going to watch her kick ass in the Hammer throw tomorrow, her big event. She will go to the 2004 Olympics, people!

Barnes and Noble and Borders are my favorite summer hangouts.

It's just about time to start going to Neptun/Ocean Grove again, a 30-minutes drive to what has quickly become my favorite beach in New Jersey (Long Beach Island is still up there and the beauty of Newport, RI is breathtaking). How do you land-locked people survive?

There is so much beauty on the Internet, so much inspiration. I forget that sometimes. I bet you do, too.

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