It's lame that it took so long for Candice and I to hang out, but the each encounter definitely is worth the wait. When we get together we become (well, she may always be) the most derranged, immature children.


Walking slowly down Easton Ave., eating ice cream from Thomas Sweet, we approach a homeless guy who says, "Have any money for some food?" Candice looks at him thoughtfully and with sorrow in her face says no, as she shovels a mound of ice cream into her mouth. 10 seconds later we both realize what happened and laughed hysterically. It was really funny, but so wrong and evil. We're really not that obnoxious. Andrea should appreciate that.

Candice: If I could look like anyone who I know it would be Addie.
TJ: I'd be white, though. It's just so much easier in this world.
Candice: All the advantages, yeah.
TJ: I'd be a bisexual white woman with big tits. Them bitches rule the world!

Also, Candice and I made definite plans to go to San Francisco at the end of July. This makes me very happy.

I hope I don't get hate mail. I am a nice boy.

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