News meeting. Not your typical Monding morning droll.

After we discussed the potential news stories we'd come across, Foulis started talking about the business side, which randomly led him into stories about Fleet Street in London, how cut-throat and incredibly stressful everything was during the 80s when he worked there. These were serious war stories, complete with ex-boxers throwing phones out of windows after a bad presentation and bosses literally screaming at employees in public for not selling enough. The coolest part was that he became more and more affected in terms of accent as he told the story, slipping feckin' and bloody into the sentences.

Suddenly the men in the room started pumping their fists and yelling!!! as the women sat with their arms crossed. "Let's do it!" I shouted as we left the meeting, ready to do battle.

Also, I normally draw colorful things and write phrases like, "It's a sunshine day!" on the white board before the meeting. Today I didn't feel like it and they noticed. Aw. Cute.

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