OK, I am in a bad mood. This may be why:

1. My shirt is too big.
2. I have a splinter in my foot that is really starting to bother me.
3. I am sleepy.
4. There are few smiley people in the office today.
5. The Mercedes lady who always changes things in our stories needs to change a few things in an article I wrote.
6. I have many things to work on but nothing interests me at all.
7. Lauren still is not moved into the apartment.
8. The apartment in general looks shitty.
9. Linda’s presence.
10. Jeremy watches too much TV.
11. I get a lot of ridiculous email.
12. I am hungry. Carnation Instant Breakfast is not cutting it.
13. Monica Seles advanced to the quarterfinals of the French Open, but has to play Pierce tomorrow, which could be very, very bad.
14. I couldn’t care less about e-commerce suppliers but it’s becoming my expertise? What is that?
15. This website is very ugly and the content is lame.

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