After a month of bragging to co-workers that I had survived an entire school year without being sick (with more than allergies), a head cold hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday afternoon, just as Candice picked me up.

I was blowing my nose at the pizza place, sniffling at Thomas Sweet, bitching about my stomach on the car ride to Long Branch, sneezing at the movies and absolutely miserable as we drove along Ocean Blvd., having just missed the fireworks but in time for the insane post-celebratory traffic.

Today? I called in sick to my internship, which was bizarre. I felt like I was in high school, telling my mom to call the attendance office or something. I actually felt really bad about missing work today, but I don't know how possible it would be for me to call people and speak intelligently or to write anything coherent.

So I will be laying in bed and on the couch, paying sporadic attention to the computer. UbiEx is the name, IM me and wish me well :)

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