Last night I had a dream …

For some reason a lot of my dreams (at least the few that I remember) take place in Upper Saddle River. I guess I have some unresolved issues related to that town, that time. I was living in the Dimmig Road house and getting ready for my first day of school. I was with two other people I know in real life, but I can’t remember who they were, just a guy and a girl. I was pretty nervous, I think it was supposed to be high school, but the feeling surrounding the event reminded me of middle school. For whatever reason, only two of us could fit in the old, pale blue VW Bug, so I had to ride this old, slightly rusted, blue bike with really thin tires. Everything about it was just unstable.

I remember trying desperately to make it to school on time, pedaling across hilly roads, cursing my friends for driving. I was so afraid of getting there late, so horrified of walking into that building alone and wandering around the halls searching for the right door.

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