No, I'm right here, in the freaking San Francisco library, getting the evil eye from foreigners (there are no Americans in San Francisco) because the minute I sat down at one of the precious internet terminals it imploded.

All is well here, though. Our hostel is like a TV show, and the main star is Niko, this Japanese girl who can do no wrong. Everything out of her mouth is pure comedy. In my room are two French guys and a German Lesbian.

Again, there are no Americans in San Francisco.

So far we've done Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, Castro, Lombard Street, a trolley ride, SOMA (where we're staying), Haight-Ashbury and a few random things. I also met Eric yesterday. I took the bus to Santa Rosa and he brought me along the Russian River to where it meets to ocean. Very beautiful. Thanks, Eric.

In a few hours Candice and I will charm Ben Jenkins into buying us dinner. Good times.

Be well. (Pardon type-os, am typing very quickly)

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