Oh my lord. It just happened. Thanks God Stephanie gave me the heads up, otherwise my nerves really would have been tested in that office.

Luke, the CEO, came toward my desk and asked me to come into his office. I played it cool, said, “One minute,” finished up an email and walked in. I waited patiently as Debbie finished talking about a proposal.

Then I sat down, next to Luke and across from Foulis. The short version is this: Luke complimented me on my work, said Barbara has nothing but nice things to say about me, said my journalism is first rate (which means more than anything) and said he wants to work out how much time I can devote to this place when school starts.

I told him about my schedule, well, what I could remember: 15 credits, every day, no full days off for the company. He asked me if I would consider dropping down to 12 credits and taking a class during the summer for some kind of tuition reimbursement, partial or full.

That led me to the announcement that I am going to Spain for 6 weeks next summer. “That changes things a bit,” he said, “But you’re still welcome back here at any time.” He went on to say that it was an opportunity I shouldn’t refuse.

But he reiterated that the company could either put me on salary (!!), raise my hourly rate or pay tuition if I can pledge more hours during the school year.

Oh, yeah, they also added $100 tax-free to my check since interns don’t get paid for the holiday.

Then it was smiles and handshakes and “Great job!”

Also today: made nice with the guy at the ACLU, heard from Deepa, former Targum editor who got an internship with Reuters and wrote stories about the Latin Grammys and Nickelodeon's P.C. line-up.

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