Perspective and environment are very weird concepts, difficult for me to grasp, but incredibly interesting to ponder. For instance, Fidel Castro, who spouts ridiculous threats and bullshit promises, is actually so caught up in his false reality that he believes he is righteous and that Cuba is a real threat. His government says things like, "Those who think we are ending should know that we are beginning!" But the truth is, no more than four years after Castro dies, the government will collapse. Cuba is the typical example of what's wrong with Latin American nations. He has done very little to help his people, his "pueblo," his "isla." And the people no it.

But here's where perspective comes in. There are many who believe Castro is a God, who have made him another Che, who believe every word out of his mouth is truth. They don't question his motives, his way of carrying out plans. It's not a majority, I don't think. Getting to speak with younger Latinos who teach at Rutgers has shown me that this generation is not going to stand for incompetence much longer.

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