Well, i can breathe better, but i still sound and look bad. Everyone is babying me, though, telling me to take it easy, which is nice. But not so nice was my CEO coming up to me and saying, "Man, you don't look so good, you should go home." Yikes!

I'm like, "Well, I have a few things I have to take care of."
"OK," he said. "But get out of here as soon as your done."

So, I went over to Stephanie's desk to ask if I looked like shit, and I relayed the story to her. "He loves you!" she said.

She looked over her shoulder and then wheeled closer to me.

"Don't tell anyone I told you, but yesterday at the meeting Luke said he wanted to make you an offer to stay full-time during the year. I just don't want them to ambush you. They're great salepeople and have a way about them," she said.

While I knew Luke valued me from our previous conversation I didn't think he wanted to get me to stay full-time. This is very weird and exciting and horrible...it just brings up so many issues. I won't quite school, I know that much. I'm not ready to sell my soul to Corporate America. Although I could work full-time for a year and take part-time classes I wouldn't want to torture myself or lose the sense of college that you cna only get by living at school and participating in on-campus events.

I did say I wanted my life to be like Sarah Conley's, didn't I?

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