Wanna know a secret? I totally judge books by their covers. Literally.

When I go the Barnes & Noble in Paramus and head to the discount area, I am overwhelmed with choices, many of which are total garbage. So in order to cut down on the number I bother to look at, I reach for the books with interesting, well-designed covers, anything that grabs my attention.

Sarah Conley is what I'm reading now. It was $5 or something, but I absolutely love it. The narration is pretty unsophisticated, which I like. It's not dripping with emotion, at least not yet, but I love the characters. Sarah is basically who I want to be: a brilliant journalist/writer with drama and passion and lots of issues filling up her life, but she has the stregnth and ability to do what she wants and needs to do.

Have any reading suggestions?

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