The books I most enjoy are those that use interesting narrative styles to tell a realistic story about average people dealing with real emotions. I've read Good Boys by Paul Reidinger four times. Each time I finish the college graduation/party scene, where the three main characters weep in each other's arms before saying goodbye, I choke up. I feel what they're feeling. Just a few minutes ago I realized this part of my life is not so far off and the worst part about it is I don't think I'd feel that sense of urgency in showing my emotions to people I'm leaving if the day were today. That is to say I'll be with close friends who've become an important part of my life, but as of now, there's no one true love I'll be leaving. Me entiendes?

Two years.

If I were leaving for a new city and a new life like Mr. Ben, I would want tears and heartache, as ridiculous as it sounds. I would want ...

I don't know. More than this.

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