An email sent to one of my co-workers:

How are you? Fine i believe. How did you move yesternight? Were
you able to drive home after all those glasses of beer--then you must be a
"strong girl." I felt really vivacious yesterday because of the company
we had and the delectation that we all shared.
Although i was opportune to go into an indept discussion with you,
but based on the little chat i had with you, i think you will make a good
friend. Your social demeanour savors(smacks) of good behavior;i could see
a good relationship between us as a result of your kind gesture. I promise
to be a good commaraderie of yours.
After i left you, i went home to sleep because i have to wake up
early for work. Well, in response to the "Club Issue", I would proffer
you look for a suitable club that we could go and dance. I would like to
dance with you. You see, there aren't nice spot(club) that am oblivious of
in New Brunswick. Makedas on Georges' street would be considerable:the one
i told you of yesterday. It's a block from Harvest Moon-so if you will
like it over there that will be gratitious thing to do. Every friday from
10:00Pm, there is always a show. If you will want us to meet there
tonight, just email me prio to the time or should you have other places in
mind feel free to call or email.
Extend my regard to your sister and her friend.
Thinking about you!
Have a great day....


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