I emailed the link to my story on the CEO of Gay.com/Online Partners to Lowell Selvin (the CEO) and his communications officer. The comm. person emailed our webmaster about reprinting that story and two others, which could boost traffic, since Gay.com has 2.6 million unique visitors each month.

The CEO responded to my email as well, saying he appreciated "such a supportive" article. He also wrote: "One of our Board members, someone who could be very important for you, surveyed your site after reading this and was concerned about navigation, inability to jump pages, find links,
etc. Just wanted to let you know so you can forward to the powers that be."

This board member (who could be very important for me – how ominous is that?) is an executive VP at CNET and the founder of Parenting Magazine. Luke and Debby said she’s known in the publishing world. Well, this women also sent an email to our webmaster complaining about the force registration on our site after a few clicks and said, "When you're ready for primetime, let me know."

That's so obnoxious!

But, she could totally talk our site up and get some features written at CNET or other places, she mentioned. And the Gay.com CEO suggested I profile her, as well. So, I would love to do that because she'd be an interesting interview, but her reciprocal actions could be huge for us.

I just thought it was hysterical that she said, "When you're ready for primetime!"

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