"I have learned my lesson well. The truth is out there, I can tell. Don't look back and don't give in to their lies and goodbyes. Northern Star."

Right. So, I am going to become a more organized individual. Spontaneity is imperative to maintaining a fun, free life. But when it comes to weekday, work-related actions, organization is key. So starting tonight I will experiment, trying to become a professional, task-oriented, efficient, organized person.

Each night before bed I will iron the clothes I choose for the next day. I will also spend a bit of time reading news wires so I'm more informed when I walk through the doors at 8:30 a.m. Also, no more waking at around 7:40, rolling out of bed and showering before leaving at around 8:15. I will wake at 7:10 tomorrow, watch the news and relax with a nice vitamin and a glass of water until 7:35-ish, shower, dress and be on my way out the door by 8:10.

This will make me a more capable employee, a more responsible human and, overall, a happier person.

Yes. We will see.

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