I was at a diner with Cathleen and Candice last week, during the middle of the Republican Convention. I brought up politics and we began talking. Candice, at one point, said, “I just am pretty uninformed and I don’t really care. I probably won’t vote.”

She’s a perfect example of why this generation is labeled apathetic, especially when it comes to politics and issues that don’t affect what I like to call the me-me-me generation. It’s really sad.

It takes about 10 minutes to browse through Yahoo! News reading the lead paragraphs of news stories. Articles are written in inverted pyramid style, so all of the important stuff can usually be found in the first five paragraphs. Pick up the NY Times, read the first few graphs of a few stories and you’ll be pretty informed. Check out the websites: www.algore200.com, www.georgewbush.com. Check out all of the candidates' stances on the issues.


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