They are few and far between, these moments when everything is fine, but I plan on making the most of this one.

Driving down Route 9, the lightening made the sky glow purple, and it made me smile. I don't know what it is, I guess I've just come to an understanding about this life, about where I am now and where I want to be, about what I've done - the good and the bad. It's all alright. For now.

"There's always the sky..."

Flying high through the sky. Ben is off to the big city, San Francisco, where instead of gold the streets are paved with high-tech stocks. He is leaving everything familiar and taking a huge risk. Big deal, I say. It will be amazing. It will be new, adventure, love, difficulty, opportunity. I am kind of jealous, of course. But it's not my time. As much as I think school is just teaching me things I could learn in the real world, I find the experience invaluable. But, I'll get there. People don't take me seriously when I talk about it, but I will get there, in two years. The next two years are all planned out, and unless something amazing comes along, I mean to stick to this plan.

See you there?

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