Writing a story about a $1 billion lawsuit filed by an association of Hispanic newspapers. Exciting.

But first, a few moments from the news meeting:

Re: Gerald Ford, who suffered a minor stroke. People were talking about him when he was president. “Wow. He’s like 80. That must make you guys feel very, very old, huh?”

Lia mentioned homophobic comment by Dick Army at the Republican convention. “Are you Dick Army?” a reporter asked. “Yes, I am,” army replied. “And if there was a real Dick Army, Barney Frank would be the first to enlist.” Oy. So much for the Republican push for inclusivity.

Also, I learned that whenever you’re lost or confused, just start saying “yackety-schmackety” and everything will be A-OK.

In other, more ego-centric news. I bought this bright orange sirt from Structure and am wearing it today. Potential to be a big fashion no-no, but I got a bunch of compliments. Bobby, who has amazing style, came up to me and said he liked it, that I’m one of the few men he’s seen who can wear an orange or red because it suits my skin color. “Most people you see you think, ‘You must have been very sleepy when you put that on.’”

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