Not such a great day. I have this insane class called Mass Communications and the American Image, all about how the public's opinion is framed by the media. We have crazy reading and quizzes to accompany said craziness. Our professor is this super accomplished Ivy Leaguer, he founded Channel 13 Public TV and was the founding chairperson of the MPAA ratings system, in addition to his teaching duties (since the 40s!) at Rutgers, Yale and Berkeley. So, yeah, we had a quiz. Short answer. Filling in blanks in quotes!!! Total lunacy.

Then I had my audition for the a cappella group.

Yeah. Mediocre, completely. I am so much better than that. Chromatic scales? Totally forgot. Sight reading? Totally unprepared. My song, "Barely Breathing," was average. If I hadn't fucked up both sight reading and chromatic scales, I'd be okay, but I definitely wouldn't have selected myself if I were in the group... I find out tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

I totally don't have time for another group, but still I feel like shouting.


It's very frustrating when you know you're much better than your performance. The strange thing is I wasn't nervous at all, I was totally confident, but my voice was very shaky...loud, but not really strong, per se.


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