The sign was just a few feet away, but I refused to go near it. Instead, I slowly walked toward the Rehearsal building. After a few minutes wandering the halls and realizing there was no room 200 I paced, then walked into another building near the Levin Theater. Wrong again.

I sat down on a bench, watching a bus load of students cross George Street, staring down the sign with the map of Douglass campus. I sighed as I stood up and paced for a minute before jogging over and scanning the list of buildings for the mysterious ARH I had assumed was Rehearsal Hall. Art Research Hall, across the bridge, was my destination. So I booked across the creaky, wooden bridge and followed a few other guys into the medium-sized lecture hall.

The class: Intro. to Music Theory. After the debacle of Intro to Music last semester I am determined to make an effort. Fortunately, the class is designed to force students to participate. We have tons of assignments we have to complete through the Web site, which is interesting (and lends itself to a bit of help from knowledgable friends).

The professor, though, is a total tool. He is kind of old, and talks in that really condescending way. He speaks slowly and repeats himself excessively. Have you ever seen the company computer guy skit on SNL? He's almost there. But he seems like he genuinely wants to help us, so I can't be too negative after just one class.

As I was leaving, the guy sitting next to me rolled his eyes and sighed. "It's gonna be a long semester," I said to him.

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