All of these celebrities and people with influence are saying, "Please vote, everyone. I don't care who you vote for, but vote, make your voice heard."

Well, I do care who you vote for. Vote for Al Gore. Vote for someone with experience who can actually take charge of this country without drilling it into the ground.

Do not vote for Dubya. I will probably throw myself head -first into a wall if he wins. I am not exagerating. I will be distraught. The thought of that little illiterate boy making Supreme Court appointments that will decide the quality of my life makes me sick to my stomach. And Nader? He's creepy. He's become the college kids' candidate, but he's really just a thorn in Gore's side. He. Has. Got. To. Go.

Read about their stances on the issues. Read the candidates web sites. Do what I do. I am a smart boy. You will thank me in eight years.

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