Man oh man! Living and working in San Francisco is a big trip. So far I've been doing a lot of social activities, mostly hanging out at gay bars and meeting people. I've met two really nice guys named Nate and Soho. I SWEAR that's his name. Anyway, Nate and Soho actually live together. They're sort of dating but not exactly. If you get my drift. They just sort of live together and have occasional guests. It's a fun place to be!

Anyway, so I'm over at their place a lot doing my thing and also hanging out at my place where we just had a hot tub installed. Aaawee yaaah baby.

The Folsom Street Fair was a few weeks ago. That was HOT. So many hot guys wearing little to nothing -- or tight leather chaps and jock strap things. Man, heaven, hello! Oh, Soho is here! Gotta go.

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