The bartender bit is really strange because a similar thing happened to me this weekend at the Latino Expo.

I walked over to the Merck table to interview one of the HR reps. about the importance of targeting the Latino consumer group and recruiting talent from all segments of the population, yadda yadda. Before I could ask her any questions she said me face looked really familiar. She asked where I graduated from. "Rutgers," I said. She said she knew it and asked which campus. I told her New Brunswick and she was convinced that's why she knew my face. She said she graduated in 1994, though, which was way before I started. It's just super strange that she thought she knew me from school - which isn't possible - but we did in fact attend the same university.

Incidentally, she didn't let me quote her because all of those corporate types are hunted down and destroyed if they speak to the press without approval from internal PR. She actually hunted me down later, shouting "Mr. Reporter Man!" across the hall, to make sure I wouldn't use her name.

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