Driving home, Nicole in the passenger seat, Joe driving. The window was down, the air was freezing and the Eminem was blasting. Not my ideal situation.

The rest of the night was much better.

Village. Burrito Loco. 101 on 7th. Margaritas, Coronas, Budweisers. Almost got thrown out of the last bar for being under 21 (The Save Ferris song is right: It sucks to be under 21). Nicole talked to the waitress, whose manager said we "looked fine." But we drank quickly and booked out of there anyway.

(Yeah, so I pikced Nicole up at Newark airport last night. She's here. She's the same. She almost started crying when she came down the escalator and saw me. Adorable.)

Today is Thanksgiving. So, I'm gonna take an Oprah moment and share my spirit, or whatever, and tell you what I'm thankful for, because I really do have a lot of great things going on right now and I'd like to throw them in your face (b/c isn't that what it's all about, really? Kidding.)

I am thankful for all of my adorable Internet friends, my mostly cool job, my infrequent moments of fun in classes, my roommates, my ghetto apartment, Snickers, my fantabulous family (especially mommy), the study abroad Spain program, my Visa check card, my black Aldo shoes, old friends, puerile senses of humor, PJ's Pizza, Ben Jenkins' and Candice's funny websites that make me giggle all the live long day (Ben's for the face photo and Candice for the plethora Mr. Belvedere comments), Britney Spears' fierce music, AIM Express and, last but not least, YOU!

What are *you* thankful for? :)

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