Hanging out with the high school clique is always so strange. Add to that an extremely congested nose and I was having minimal fun last night.

Nevertheless, I did see tons of people. Nicole, Tim, Mike, Stephanie, Renee, Jeff and Amy were at Steph's. Everyone except Nicole bounced to Friday's, where we ran into Danielle, Tina, Julie and Chardo. As we were walking past their table we did the head nod, "hello" and smile, but it turned into one of those awkward conversational moments. But the funny thing was that as soon as we stopped, Danielle and I made eye contact and started talking, same with Tim and Tina and Steph and Julie. It just struck me as odd and yet completely natural that we paired up.

Did I mention I was sick? From my brother, who was sneezing and coughing all Thanksgiving. I got less than six hours of sleep yesterday and was running around all day, which contributed to my miserable condition last night, I'm sure.

Blah blah blah.

My mother just walked into my room and semi-dramatically threw herself on the futon. I wonder where I get it from. :)

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