(If "you" were more than just a Web site I use to easily update vignette.org, I would apologize for the lack of humorous, intelligent content. But since you're an inanimate object I won't bother.)

I'm just having a totally shitty day. I'm tired as hell, after a long weekend of the Latino Expo, Rent, shopping and catching up with Alli. There are blisters all over my feet, I get nothing done at work ever, my classes are horrible, I spent all of my money this weekend, I can't register for next semester because there's a fucking hold on my account (probably from parking tickets) - deja vu - and to top it all off, there's a fucking pimple on my face! Right. Between. My. Eyes.

On the bright side, Candice, Andrea and I wrote a German rap song tonight. I couldn't even attempt to spell any of the lyrics, though.


One thing that made me laugh tonight? Listening to Oscar de la Hoya's CD at a listening booth at Border's.

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