I’ll tell you all about Halloween and post a photo or two later today. I’ve been absolutely swamped. Yesterday I had to finish a Spanish paper about the conflict between love and honor depicted through the characters of El Cid and Jimena in “Las mocedades del Cid” and I have an exam in a few hours on that book and “Lazarillo de Tormes” as well as general themes of the Siglo de Oro, or golden age of Spanish literature.

Until I delight you with tales of drunken mischief, take a look at these links:

It’s amazing how many groups are turning on Nader now that they finally realize the potential catastrophe that obtaining the lucrative 5 percent could cause.

“I have seen acts of betrayal I just can't believe,” Nader said Wednesday in Madison, Wis.

No kidding. Read more about Dubya and make an educated decision on Tuesday. [link from the blorg]

Also, the prospect of online voting is really intriguing, but I still think the digital divide and online security are huge negatives.

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