"In the capri pants?” you ask?


There is this man who works in my building, not for my company, mind you. We are the fashionable bunch. This other company, on the other hand, is sad and pathetic, home to very stereotypical Jersey girls who wear tights, big, oversize sweatshirts and have huge helmet hair.

Let’s get back to this man. He wears capri pants. I swear! No one else in my office had ever seen him. I was beginning to feel like I was seeing a ghost, a capri-pants-wearing phantom. It all seemed too preposterous.

But he exists.

Yesterday, as I was about to go to the bathroom, I spotted his … pants … floating past the door. I look at Kim, who was standing closest to me, and whispered, quite loudly, “The man in the capri pants! There he goes!”

After a brief moment of confusion, Kim realized what was happening and we jumped to action, walking quickly down the hallway toward the stairs, where we caught one glimpse at his … pants, and his pasty white legs.

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