Interesting. I do not remember writing the first post last night? First of all, I don't say "digits" and second, if I did get them, where the hell are they?!

Anyway, my ass really hurts. I'm serious. During my mad rush to go to the second party I fell down the entire flight of stairs down to the first floor...on my ass...and I didn't feel anything then, of course. I went to the party, danced, macked it, and then about 6 of us went to a diner to annoy the waitress be ordering water and bagels...and then I started feeling it. And this morning, waking up at 10:30 after getting to bed around 5, it hurts like hellbitches 2000.

Besides being the most drunk I've been in months, last night was surreal because I was surrounded by new Targum people I've never met. At one point a few new people came in and I turned to Sally and shouted, "Who the fuck are these people?!"

I'm a charmer, I know.

Time to wake Cathleen up so she can make me waffles. :)

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