Hi there.

Here's a quick life update:

1. Finals are over. My school career may be, as well. Can you say F? It's easy, pronounced like ehph. We'll see what happens when I get grades back.
2. Have yet to begin Christmas shopping. I'll start tonight.
3. Countdown to San Francisco: 8 days.
4. I'm (play) warring with my work neighbor, Stephanie. Here's the latest:


Can we talk?

I feel as though a truce needs to be called between us, regarding our recent behavior toward one another. When I discussed the situation with my anger management counselor, he suggested I initiate a dialogue with you in the hopes that a cordial working relationship could be establish, which may produce a long-lasting, and rewarding, friendship for years to come. I shared with him our good times - your faxed love letter to me, "D" as in "DeGroat," when you pulled the handle off the fireplace at Clyde's, Leonard - those were good times. However, I also mentioned some of our darkest days - my punching you and pouring water over your head, you calling my hair ugly and saying my nails looked trashy, and you're over-competitive bowling attitude. With a little effort, and a lot of love, I think we can work through all this bitterness, before real violence occurs.

What do you say? Can we be friends?

Your sincere neighbor,
Dear Stephanie,

Please notice the following spelling/grammar corrections:

"could be establishED" - line 2
"your" instead of "you're" - line 4

Once you've mastered the English language, perhaps we can heal. Until then, bite me, number one Heather.

Warmest regards,
T.J. DeGroat

5. I've written even more Boy Scouts stories! but the communication guy from the GReater New York Council finally acknowledged my existence with a fax, which is good times.

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