I just spent a close-to-perfect evening at Candice's with co-workers. During the more than five hours, I gossiped like a schoolgirl, mercilessly made fun of Candice, coerced Surya into spilling secrets and reinforced the belief that Abbie, our newest intern, is the most adorable being at Rutgers.

She's a prettier version of Melissa from Real World - New Orleans, dresses impeccably and is funny, but thoughtful. And cute! When we were walking to our cars I noticed really tiny snow flakes. She literally skipped over to me and shouted, "Let's dance! It's snowing." So, close to midnight on the otherwise abandoned Duke Street, we grabbed each other and excitedly danced while singing, "Oh the weather outside is frightful..." Her spirit is infectious.

I also got to bond a bit with Suyra - since we're both in similar boats at work. I learned a lot of disturbing things, but most importantly, I realized he's a cool guy. The other interns and I had a less than positive opinion of him during the summer, but I'm over it. Always a second chance with TJ!

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