Oh, right, so I watched "Queer As Folk" and I have a couple of criticisms.

First, Justin and his high school pal are complete morons. Maybe it's just me, maybe my high school was full of intellectuals, but does anyone who's 17 years old talk like that? 7th graders, maybe.

"Guess what I did last night? I had sex with that guy, all night."
"So what are you now, boyfriends?"
"I dunno."
"Well, do you love him?"
"I dunno. YES!"
"Does he love you?"
"I dunno."

Also, the main guy who's supposed to be really hot, isn't sometimes. He has a weird look.

And the opening? With lots of goofy rainbow disco graphics and naked bodies is trite.

I think the direction was awesome, but the acting was weak and the story line was less than brilliant. But the thing is, the gay community is always so thirsty for its image to be reflected by media that it welcomes anything, crappy movies or TV shows, just because they get to see themselves on screen. It's reall unfortunate.

Not that the show is awful or anything, but it's a gay Sex and the City without the sense of humor.

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