Some very interesting quotes from Bill Clinton's interview with Rolling Stone, as reported by The Times:

The Republicans "didn't want me to have a honeymoon" in his first days in office, Mr. Clinton said, and so forced the issue of his campaign promise to allow gays to serve openly, knowing they had the votes in Congress to defeat it.

"And it was only then that I worked out with Colin Powell this dumb-ass `don't ask, don't tell' thing," Mr. Clinton said in the interview, one of several he has granted recently looking back on his eight years in office.

Another hysterical quote from the lead of a Wall Of Sound story about the success of the Backstreet Boys' CD:

Here's a little riddle: What's over-processed, meticulously groomed, and double platinum? If you guessed Christina Aguilera's hair, you're wrong. It's the Backstreet Boys' new Black & Blue, which remains the No. 1 album in the country, selling another 689,578 copies in its second week in stores and sailing past the 2 million sales mark.

Ha ha ha. I'm so immature!

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