The thing about Christmas is there is this horrible couple of hours between opening presents and the arrival of guests. I actually watched a rerun of Regis with some chick from "Survivor" before finally fleeing to my room to read "Sex and the City," a gift from Cathleen (weird book, interesting, though).

The gifts were practical. Pretty much all cash, which is definitely the way to go since I'll be needing some spending moola in San Francisco (three days and counting). Um. I bought some great gifts this year, which I'm psyched about. I got a framed print of "Starry Night" for everyone. Continuing the stocking tradition, I got all of mom's stocking stuffers (she always does ours, but how lame is it to have to stuff your own stocking?). I found some kick-ass festive socks, including red and black babies with jingling bells on them. When she walks around the house she sounds like a cat with a little bell collar.

I thought it would be cute to buy a ton of little green Christmas tree candles for place markers at the dinner table. I wasn't expecting them to try to kill me. As I was attempting to pass a piece of pumpkin bread to someone the bottom of my sleeve hit the candle and about six square inches went up in a quick flame. I kind of yelped and flailed my arm once and it was out. Very bizarre.

What else?

Did I mention I've had a throat infection since Thursday. White stuff and all! I put off going to a doctor and it finally seems to be fgetting a bit better today. We'll see.

So, hope you guys had a great day with family and food and FUN!!! Oh yeah!

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