When I interview people for stories over the phone, I just type most of what’s been said into a word file as we’re talking, instead of using a tape recorder. It just saves time for me, and I’m a decent typist. But the funny thing is going over interviews to shape comments into useable quotes. I notice all of my repeated type-os. I always mistype “tion” words. So I’ll write “informaiton” instead of “information.” I also tend to start second words early. Like, I’ll write “Ther eis” instead of “There is.” Have you ever noticed random things like this? Sometimes when I’m trying to get down a statement, I’ll come to a long word and blank out on the spelling and just freeze for a few seconds, which is an eternity when you’re trying to catch up with someone spouting important informaiton. So I’ll just freak and write “oblknfgfs” and hope I realize it means “obligation” later on.

Fascinating stuff, huh? The fun never ends at Vignette.org.

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