Ben is still alive.

Basically, I received a random phone call this morning, around the time when Ben wakes up, from a young man with a voice similar to Ben's. It actually sounded like Ben with morning voice. I answered the phone and thought it was him, I spoke to him for FIVE minutes, cracking jokes and busting on Candice. I asked about his roommate! Then he said, "I gotta take this call. I'll call you back later!" CLICK. Hang up.

I was pissed so I called him back, but his cell phone was turned off.

TJ was confused.

I had a feeling it wasn't him while I was talking about his roommate, but that was a ludicrous thought...I thought. (Thought)

I called his phone about 10 times. Finally, I got in touch with the golden boy and he swore (on our love!) that he did not call me.

No one has my work number! Who could it be?

Ah, I'm over it.

And Ben is alive. Although he did get a few harrassing emails.

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