Quick thoughts on the Grammys:

1. Britney? Where art thou? (In Sweeden recording, but still, take a day off to show Christina what style is)
2. Christina, trying way to hard to be Latina. The only thing funnier than her hair is imagining what it will look like when the the braids are undone.
3. Someone needs to give the guy from Steely Dan some E. Lighten up, man, you won the top prize!
4. Save some for Shelby Lynne.
4. Eminem and Elton John were not bad, but the standing ovation was a bit sickening.
5. Madonna was entertaining, but the end of "Music" is beyond monotonous.
6. As most people have said, Blue Man Group, Moby and Jill Scott kicked major ass. I saw Blue Man Group when they were off-Broadway way back in 1996 and they were phenomenal.
7. Shakira is still one of my favorites. Her "MTV Unplugged" CD is amazing. She'll be the next big Latin star, ojal√°.
8. Jon Stewart's improv jokes were infintely funnier than the scripted ones.
9. Surprisingly, I'm glad Britney didn't win anything. That would have been insane. It's crazy enough that she's a four-time Grammy-nominated artist.
10. Some people think Michael Greene's speech was long-winded and inappropriate, but I thought it was completely perfect. He's a very intelligent guy who spent a lot of time this year questioning lyrics and social responsibility. My only objection was his saying "Welcome" when he began the speech.

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