The benefits (?) of online media: instant email feedback. One editor faces almost daily reminders of his "ineptitude" by a disgruntled reader (I've gotten a few insane reader-feedback emails as well, my favorite coming from a man in Singapore who thought that since I wrote a story with a gay theme, I should be reminded that 'the gay' like the 'arsehole' and I'm an evil man going to hell because of my writing - and my editor must be a 'dyke' for letting me write such blasphemous pieces).

My favorite diss (from ironminds):

Leitch, you turd:
The most difficult thing about telling you how painfully bad you are in the discharge of your duties is that I am effectively barred the use of superlatives. I could tell you on Monday that your latest update is without fail the worst few hundred words I’ve ever had to suffer through, but you would most likely succeed Monday’s low water-mark by week’s end.

Via mediabistro.com, one of my new favorite websites.

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