It's coming...

I didn't realize how bad this latest snowstorm was supposed to be until I was driving around yesterday and heard a meteorologist throw around the word "blizzard." Then I saw a newspaper article using the term "worst storm since 1962." Not cool.

As I was walking back from a brunch date with Priti this morning, the wind was whipping up around me, trash flying around. I got a message from Barbara saying the office probably would close tomorrow, so she wanted to talk about some work the edit team could do at home.

I don't mind snow, really. But it's March. So, I'll put it with it and, in return, I only ask for two things: that the University closes Tuesday and that I don't lose power. The last thing I need is to have to sit around in the dark with no TV or Internet. I'm a child of the 80s for God's sake. I don't do well without the idiot boxes.

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