Picture it:

A Rutgers bus passes a George Street stop because no one wants to get off there and no one waiting there waives. A young man with a bike sees the bus go by, looks extremely ticked off, and mouths, "Fuck you!" at the bus driver. The driver, a black women with a lot of sass, says, "Excuse me. I didn't know you wanted to get on, so F you, too!" Then she lets out a seriously sinister, evil cackle, "Ha. Ha. Ha. Hahahahaha." At the next light the rider catches up and screams at the bus as the driver continues laughing. He gives her the finger as the bus departs. As your faithful reporter stands up to get off at the next stop (careful to say thank you to the crazy woman), the driver says, "Look, and here he comes." The bicyclist storms down George Street, passing the bus and cutting in front of it as the bus merges back onto the road. The man, trying to be cute, rides slowly in front of the bus, making it impossible for the bus to pass him ... until the insane driver gets way too close, honks the loud horn for at least 30 seconds straight and he finally gives way.

And my thought during this whole ordeal was: Dude, you have a bike and the Douglass campus is a half mile away, tops. Just move the fuck on.

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